Mesaj din partea FBE în legătură cu refugiații din Ucraina

Publicăm mai jos mesajul primit din partea FBE:

Dear President, Dear Colleague,

Refugees from Ukraine, mainly women and children, are arriving in Poland in large numbers.

The Polish Bar Associations have mobilized themselves and our colleague-lawyers are assisting them voluntarily with pro bono legal aid.

Many of these refugees have families in EU and bordering countries and would like to join them.

The Council of the European Union is meeting on Thursday, March 3 to, we hope, propose solutions to accommodate all these people in great suffering.

It would be helpful if your Bar association could communicate without delay ( the contact details of at least two specialist lawyers who could provide our colleagues in Poland with the necessary information for refugees in each country concerned.

Even if we have to wait for the European decisions, we felt it was important to ask for your cooperation without delay.

With kind regards.

Dominique ATTIAS


European Bars Federation (FBE)

151 Avenue de Wagram

75017 Paris

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