Apel la ajutor din partea Baroului din Ucraina

Publicăm aici mesajul transmis de către FBE din partea Baroului din Ucraina.

Dear President,

Dear Colleague,

We are enclosing a letter from Mr. Valentyn Gvozdy, Vice President of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, concerning a call for support requesting financial assistance for the Ukrainian Lawyers and their families.

The FBE Presidency and the Human Rights Commission met with colleagues from the Ukraine National Bar Association, and lawyers from all over Ukraine.  Lawyers and judges in Ukraine need our support at this time as they continue to provide legal services to all those in peril in Ukraine. We were asked to assist with specific actions of support.

We call upon our members to adopt the following three actions in their Bar Associations and Law Societies in order to assist our colleagues in Ukraine:

  1. To send messages of support to the Ukraine National Bar Association, and to publicise those widely;
  2. To send financial assistance to help the lawyers continue to provide legal services;
  3. To spread the contacts to as many Bar Associations all over the states of the Council of Europe and beyond.

Any Bar Association who wishes to help please contact: Dr Valentyn Grovzdly, Vice President of UNBA   v.grovzdly@unba.org.ua for further information.

We would be very grateful if you could consider joining this initiative.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes.

Dominique ATTIAS


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