UIA – Congres Miami (US), 31 octombrie -4 noiembrie 2011

UIA – 55th congress, Miami (United States), October 31 – November 4, 2011

Current themes, commissions sessions, joint working sessions and other meetings:
Participate in the debates of the 55th UIA congress!
Please find below the programme of our annual meeting:

3 main themes
o Trying Suspected Terrorists: Just Another Criminal Case?
o Life Sciences and the Biotechnology Economy: How Far Should We Go?
o Global Legal Issues Surrounding Professional Sports

29 sessions of the UIA scientific commissions

o In Business Law
o In Human Rights
o In General Law Practice

6 joint working sessions of commissions

3 special meetings
o International Bar Leaders Senate
o Law Firms Forum
o American Bar Association – Section of International Law (ABA – SIL) / UIA working session

This year, a specific focus will be made on the topic of the conflicts of interests discussed during the International Bar Leaders Senate and the Law Firms Forum.
All these working sessions, whether in plenary sessions or smaller groups, will be animated by over 350 international experts.
So many good reasons to participate in our conference and make your voice heard, give your opinion and share your experience!
Find the full scientific programme on our website.

See you in Miami!

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UIA congresses are accredited in the framework of continuing legal education. The Miami congress has already obtained the official accreditation for the following countries:
– France: French Bar Council (CNB) – 21 hours of training have been validated.
– Belgium: French-speaking and German-speaking Bar Council and the Flemish Bar Council (OBFG and OVB) – 18 training points have been granted.
The UIA is pursuing this approach within other countries. Please contact us for more detailed information.