UIA - The Defence of Lawyers Defending Human Rights

The Defence of Lawyers Defending Human Rights

What kind of support should be given when these lawyers are threatened and/or sanctioned by bar authorities?

On November 14, the UIA participated in a Round Table about Human Rights’ Defence and Defenders, entitled “Lawyers at service of Lawyers”.

Firstly, speakers representing different bar associations, professional associations and NGOs addressed the subject of human rights lawyers’ training. They put emphasis on the necessity of adapting to local context and to insure post-training monitoring.

Later, the different strategies set up by Bar associations and professional associations which intervene on Human rights were a subject for debate.

The speakers, who represented several bar associations, professional organisations and NGOs, treated training for lawyers in Human rights defence. They put emphasis on the need of adapting to local context and on insuring

On this occasion, the situation of the lawyers sanctioned by their Bar Associations due to their human rights defence activities was particularly addressed. These colleagues who can no longer practise, due to suspension or expulsion (with all the consequences that this situation brings about on a daily basis), should be able to benefit from a particular support system. The recognition of their lawyer status within international professional organizations can thereby hold a particular significance.

The UIA therefore intends to provide a special status for lawyers defending human rights that have been subject to disciplinary sanctions which have resulted in preventing them from exercising their profession.

Please find below a link to the Round Table synthesis report: