European Young Defenders Training Programme 2011


Fair Trials International - European Young Defenders Training Programme 2011

European Young Defenders Training Programme 2011

I am writing to you because in the past you have expressed an interest in attending Fair Trials International’s European Young Defenders Training Programme. I am delighted to announce that applications are now open for the 2011 event.

Our European Young Defenders Training Programme is a free 4-day event which provides training for young lawyers from across Europe. Participants will access high quality training, information and mentoring opportunities in the fields of human rights law, criminal law and advocacy.

The training is free, as are meals and accommodation. The event will take place at Fitzwilliam College, the University of Cambridge on 29 March to 1 April 2011. Practical training will be provided by experts in criminal defence work on topics including:

· European extradition;

· evidence gathering in cross-border cases; and

· the effective use of interpreters and translators.

The event represents an excellent opportunity for young lawyers to learn more about the practical issues facing cross-border defence practitioners.

Applications are now open for the training programme. The deadline is 18 January 2011.

For more information on how to apply click here. Alternatively, email me at for more information.

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Call for applicants: FTI's European Young Defenders Training Programme - click here for more information